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Agamy star Mall located between the biggest two areas in Agamy 'Al Bitash and Al Hanoveel', facing gate 8 square and west traffic point on Alex-Matrouh north coast highway.
Agamystar can be reached through kilo 21 rood or north coast rood, also for those who will be coming from Alexandria or Cairo can reach Mall through Mehwar El Taameer, Agamy star Mall is considered one of the most distinguished trademarks in the west of Alexandria which is one of the most populated areas and seen as the best summer resort.
Given the interest in Agamy area interns of the complete of all the infrastructure facilities, also the interest in the aesthetics and along with this development we thought of presenting an integrated service project that serves all the needs of this mentioned area, this was done after a thorough study and comprehensive survey for the Agamy, region to measure the facilities available.

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