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Agamy Star Mall - A place like no other. A new day, a new dawn. A mall of impressive size named Agamy Star Mall.
Welcome - Agamy Star Mall is Alexandria's premier shopping, lifestyle and entertainment destination.
Discover the modern shopping experience with more than 310 stores.
A range of dining areas is available where you can enjoy outdoor breakfast, lunch or dinner.
A place where you can shop under a giant Sky Light.
Come to Agamy Star Mall and experience a Mall like no other.


- Public Bus Service
The Public Bus Service has bus services from .
The bus will arrive and depart from Car Park on the Ground Level every 1 hour.

- By Car
If you are driving in from Alexandria, take the Mehwar Road and proceed till the second bridge, from the second bridge take the first exit Agamy & Max, proceed straight to the road end and take the first U Turn, proceed straight till you reach the Agamy Area, the Agamy Star Mall is on your right after Al Bitash road Coming from Alex Cairo Desert Road

El Dawly Road El Maks Road Cairo & 21 kilo Om Zeghow Road

Online Shops

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Please contact us at the following.
  • Address: Agamystar Alex-Matrouh Rod Alexandria
  • Tel: 16604
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